Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Family + Thanksgiving = Compromises

As usual when you gather more than three of my family, food compromises become necessary.  However, this leads to deeper questions.

"Oh, you've decided to eat paleo? Great! Now I must change what I fix and serve? Why?"

"You are cleansing this month? Great! You want me to avoid __(fill in the blank according to trend)__? Sure, no problem ...  not."

Ah, but you love them so you try to accommodate. I want to share a little recipe I think you will enjoy.

Start with a quantity of Brussels Sprouts. Peel off the dead leaves (brown or yellow). Without cutting off the root, halve the sprout longways with a kitchen knife. Put half flat side down and shave thin slices from the top toward the bottom and discard the root end. Repeat until all the roots are chopped in thin strips.

Next you chunk mushrooms in small bite size pieces.

Halve the white part of a leek long ways an then slice quarter inch half rings.

Here is where the compromise that triggered the post comes into play. The best way to finish this dish would be to slice 3 strips of bacon in quarter inch pieces, slow fry those to barely crisp and then throw in the vegetables and continue cooking until done. Tonight we will forego the bacon and substitute butter.

Note: A great variation is to add pecan pieces with the vegetables.

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