Monday, October 31, 2016


We had a guest from Oklahoma City this weekend. She has been a good friend since 1972 and has visited here several times. She brought Halibut with her and we enjoyed a meal with that on Friday. On Saturday I served tamales made by the mothers of my students over a queso I made, and I topped that with a fresh salsa.

For tonight we needed something simple.

Old school tomato soup from the can. Very much a comfort food for we 50's children.

With it, I put together a home made variation on an 80's phenomenon, Schlotsky's, a quasi muffuletta for the masses.

First I made an olive and pickled pepper salad with Inglehoffer stone ground mustard.

Then I shredded fresh Romaine leaves and added those to the mustard and olive blend.

Then I made sandwich stacks of salami, honey ham, and turkey breast and heated them, wrapped in foil, in a low oven.

I toasted some decent bread, and, while it was still hot, stacked it with cheddar jack. The hot meat went on the cheese to encourage it to melt. Then I spread a layer of the olive sald before I placed the other piece of toast on top.


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