Monday, February 1, 2016

Left Overs - What Are You Going To Do

My beautiful wife has incredible talents.

One of them is a talent with doughs and baking. Last Sunday, she made us biscuits from scratch for breakfast. If you want the recipe, look up Mile High Biscuits on the Cooks Illustrated site.

Unfortunately, a pan of biscuits is way more than we can have for breakfast. The end result? We had leftovers. What are you going to do?

Sunday afternoon, I bought a turkey thigh to solve the problem. Yes, a turkey thigh.

This morning I put it in the slow cooker with an onion, a large chunk of leek, a carrot, a stalk of celery, and a clove of garlic. I added enough water to cover all. While we were gone, the slow cooker chugged along on low.

When we came home, I discarded the veg as well as the turkey skin and bone. I was left with a rich turkey stock and this.

I diced some leeks, sliced some mushroom, and diced some sweet bell peppers. I also prepped a spice addition of bay leaf plus some Sunny Paris blend from Penzy's.

From this point I will saute the veg in 3 Tablespoons of unsalted butter. When the vegetables soften, I will add around a quarter cup of flour and the herbs and cook the paste for a minute or two. I will then add a quarter cup of dry white wine, 2 cups of the turkey stock, a half cup of plain Greek yoghurt, and a half cup of cream. As the sauce thickens I will season it well with salt and pepper.

At that point I will add the diced turkey back to the sauce and make sure all heats. Before serving I will add a half cup of frozen peas and cook until those heat. The sauce then goes over the biscuits.

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